Pilking Features

Manage your beaty Salon dayli agenda with easy, No more  paper ove and edit appointments around when required - all with a simple drag and drop option.  
Customer tracking
Engage with your clients on a closer & more friendly level using the customer tracking features that allow you to stay mindful of their personal preferences, allergies, fashion styles, etc.
No-shows and follow-up calls become a thing of the past. Pilking uses automatic emails, text messages, and push notifications to check in with your clients about their next visit.
Social Media Calendar
Get the most out of your social media marketing campaigns with the posting schedule created with Pilking.
Online Booking
Pilking is your online receptionist 24/7 that can book appointments even when the salon is closed for the day.
Automatic Email Marketing
Send thank you emails, birthday wishes, personalized messages & even promotion al offers to clients using unique & creative email templates to build.
Loyalty Program
Pilking's loyalty program motivates your clientes to keep comming back for more, thereby helping you achieve your renueve goals.
Stay ahead of the competition using Pilking's reports and charts that provide deep insight into yout business.
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1395 Brickell Ave.
Suite 800
Miami FL United States 33131
305 744 6964
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