What Is The Best Salon Software?

Utilizing salon software can help transform salons, increase their customer base, and make it easier to arrange client appointments. With so many on the market to choose from, however, it can be challenging to choose between them. To help you out, we have summarised popular salon software below before giving you our final verdict.


Pilking, explicitly designed with beauty salons in mind. Pilking has every feature that a salon owner requires and is designed to turn any salon into a well oiled, efficient and organized machine. Pilking can schedule client appointments, send out text and email messaging to increase communication to potential clients, deal with point of sales, and offer reports on your business to help shape future plans. Pilking offers customer tracking, where staff can see previous appointments and treatments that a client has had, which can help during their future appointments. It creates a loyalty program, enticing customers to visit repeatedly, and has a clear calendar overview to keep track of the salon’s day-to-day workings. The software really couldn’t offer any more.

Pricing for Pilking starts at around $19.99 per month for a single user, with a half-price offer for new customers and offers a free trial so that salon owners can test it out and get to know all its great features. For larger salons, there are multiple packages depending on how many stylists will be using the software, with the infinity package costing $198.99 or $99.99 for new customers. The company guarantee 100% satisfaction and even offer the guarantee that if salon owners do not increase their profits by 20% in the first year of using the system, they will get their money back – that’s how confident they are in their product.


One of the most popular salon software on the market is Vagaro. Vagaro is an all-in-one management system commonly used in salons, fitness companies, and spas to help oversee their business. Vagaro, like other booking software, allows salons to build customer profiles, storing important information for returning visits. Additionally, Vagaro manages online booking and a digital calendar where salon owners can see an overview of all appointments at a glance.

The system also allows salon leaders to create their own website using one of the hundreds of customizable templates on their platform. This allows the website aesthetic to fit in with your salons. The Vagaro platform is available on both Android and Apple as well as through the web making it easily accessible. It can be used by clients 24/7, allowing them to book and pay for appointments even when your business is closed.

The platform also provides email and text marketing, allowing you to advertise to customers regularly, and automated reminders are also sent out via the platform, reducing the chance of no-show appointments.

Pricing for Vagaro starts at around $25 per month for a single user and increases by $10 for every additional user. The system offers a one-month free trial to allow users to test it out. According to GetApp, 97% of Vagaro users would recommend the app, praising it for its ease of use. Others were not pleased with the lack of Apple Pay support and had issues when refreshing pages which could become frustrating.

Salon Rosy

Another online appointment software used in many salons is Rosy. Rosy is divided into two main parts, scheduling and payments. The scheduling half allows stylists to book in their clients, access their appointment history and send personalized appointment reminders – great for the day to day running of a salon. The payment section of the Rosy platform has a simple and easy-to-understand checkout feature that can accept gift cards and card payments and connect to a cash drawer. The platform itself is mobile friendly making it great for busy salon environments.

Pricing for Salon Rosy is dependent on the package – standard or standard plus. Once the package is decided, pricing increases depending on the number of users using the system. The standard package consists of all the features listed above, while the standard plus package also includes access to added benefits such as enhanced messaging, client images and email marketing. Like Vagaro, Rosy also offers a one-month free trial to allow users to test it out. According to GetApp, 94% of Rosy users would recommend the app, praising it for its easy set-up. However, others are unimpressed by the limitations of the software and the fact that appointments are in 15-minute time increments, which is not ideal for all types of service.


The Mindbody platform has been around for many years and is a well-known software in the salon field. It aims to automate your customer experience by booking appointments, sending personalized emails and using the AI feature to complete tasks for the salon.

Pricing for Mindbody is dependent on the package – starter, accelerate, ultimate or ultimate plus. The starter package allows you to list your services, book appointments and track client history, as well as sending text notifications and reminders to clients. The accelerate package includes this but adds in other benefits such as customizable templates, while the ultimate package adds in options such as client review reminders and incentivized referrals. The ultimate plus package is the full works, allowing you to connect more with clients and capture leads and missed calls with an AI assistant. Pricing starts at $129 per month and goes up to $549 per month, depending on the package selected. This makes it more expensive than many other salon options. Unlike Vagaro and Rosy, Mindbody does not offer a one-month free trial.

According to GetApp, 82% of users would recommend Mindbody, praising it for its customizable features and business savvy AI options. However, others find the platform far too costly and have problems with the software’s customer service.

Which Software is Best?

While each of the salon software listed above clear has its benefits, none is more up to date and comprehensive than Pilking, and with great half-price introductory offers and a month’s free trial – it is definitely worth testing it out.
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